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UMTS RF Planning and Optimization

Course Objectives:

Apart from providing up-to-date information on the UMTS standards and features, this course seeks to impart participants with the required knowledge on planning, designing and optimisation an UMTS Network. Participants will learn the evolution path from GSM to UMTS, UMTS system architecture, network planning, capacity planning and how to provide service optimisation and inter-system optimisation. They will learn about practical performance and deployment issues specific to the UMTS.


Pre-Requisite for Participants:

A basic knowledge of GSM/CDMA, IP and data communication technology will be required.


Who Should Attend?

Engineers and managers responsible for the planning, design, and operation of UMTS networks and indoor design services.


Course Outlines:

  • Evolution to 3G
  • UMTS System Architecture
  • Core Network – Circuit switched Domain and packet switched Domain
  • Spreading and Channelisation Codes and Spreading process
  • Interference Margin = Process Gain – (Required SNR + System Losses)
  • Power Control, Link Adaptation and Handover
  • Air Interface and Channels, signalling and Antenna Systems
  • Network Planning
  • Power and Link Budget
  • Capacity Planning and Optimisation
  • Optimizing for Capacity
  • Initial Parameter Settings and Cell Selection Procedures
  • Intra-Frequency Cell Reselection Parameters
  • Intra-Frequency Handover Parameters and events
  • Service Optimisation
  • PS Data Service Optimisation
  • Inter-System Planning and Optimisation

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