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Your Learning Journey with Telefocal

  1. Our Training Approach
    First and foremost, Telefocal is essentially a training-cum-consultancy solutions provider that is also a MEF-Accredited Training Provider, a highly selective group.
    Our Instructors have a wealth of experience in implementing different types of Info-Communications equipment and systems over various platforms.
    Technology is not the only solution provided. Where appropriate and relevant to the topic, we will include coverage of business constraints, resource management and security concerns.
    We hold no obligations to any vendor and take a neutral stance on the merits and demerits of the systems in use.
  2. Our Instructors
    Our Instructors have extensive experience in their field, both theory and practical. Management, planning background and knowledge of real world network design and deployment are just some of the many qualifications that they have. Along with these qualifications, they adopt a balanced outlook on issues relating to technology, equipment, design and implementation of networks. They don’t just train – they teach, impart, and assess the degree of understanding.
  3. Our Participants
    An analysis of your training needs will be conducted and we will make sure that your training requirements are met, if not exceeded. If necessary, an extra “pre-course boost” would be provided to prepare for what’s ahead.
    For our international clients, we tailor and deliver our trainings based on your requirements. Participants will learn the best practices of other successful and like-minded industry players.
  4. Training Materials and Class Information
    Our course notes, also called “training manuals”, are highly absorbing. A variety of multimedia tools are used to convey the information in an interesting and engaging way, where materials are produced “fresh” and “personally” by our Instructors.
    Class size is kept optimal, thereby providing the participants with an opportunity to interact, share experiences and gain insights. A training is not just merely attendance, but a chance to immerse in pool of like-minded individuals from international backgrounds.
    Case studies are only as good as the real experience when theory and practice meet. Although you may understand the theory, practice would require management experience, business acumen, competence, and insights, which are all provided by Telefocal.
  5. Training Environment and Facility
    Our training environment is highly conducive for learning and are held in various countries around the world. Trainings are also able to be conducted at a company premises locally or internationally. When relevant, hands-on laboratories and demonstrations would be made available. If needed, private trainings can be arranged for corporations which have concerns regarding security or commercial sensitivity.
  6. Optimal ROI on Training Investment
    Our price is a direct function of many parameters, of which you can be assured that there are no hidden or miscellaneous costs. While we do not guarantee that we are able to match your budgetary requirements, we certainly can provide you with a guarantee of quality service that will give you an optimal return on your training investment dollars.
  7. In a Nutshell
    Our returning list of esteemed clients bears a strong testimony to our commitment to training excellence. We are honoured to say that we have served over 50,000 technical and business professionals from 2000 till date.
    Of these, we have partnered leading Telecommunication Companies, Carriers, Vendors, Regulators and Enterprises worldwide in their quest for elevating the competence level of their staff, supporting them in their journey of learning and self-development.
    Last but certainly not least, we help to build the competency in the development and growth of the international Info-Communications industry.

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