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Fiber Optics Communication Technologies Courses

An Introduction

The uptake of broadband technologies (be it fixed or mobile) is a key component of the Internet phenomenon – and this uptake is being witnessed globally both in developing and developed countries and cities.

Consumers and enterprises alike are accessing the Internet to fulfill their diverse needs and purposes.

Consumers use the Internet primarily to satisfy their own personal requirements – to be socially connected through software applications such as Facebook, SKYPE or Snapchats. They participate in online entertainment (e.g. online gaming and video streaming) or use the Internet to conduct day to day activities such as online education, research and navigating on the roads or in the cities.


For enterprises (which are often competing in fast moving global markets) there are requirements for on-demand business solutions that can be deployed quickly, are scalable and adaptable to changing markets, and are cost effective and low risk. One such solution is Cloud Services (Computing).

Communications Service Providers are increasingly launching products and services in the cloud. This means that Enterprises can make use of Software, Platforms and Infrastructures on a ‘pay as you go’ basis via the Internet as opposed to investing in-house. This is allowing them to enhance and streamline their business operations. The continued high uptake of telco service subscriptions worldwide,individual and corporate, plus the growing popularity of bandwidth hungry online applications have seen us enter an era never before witnessed in the history of mankind, a data traffic explosion on a worldwide scale, fueled by both social and economic activities and generated via a number of new and innovative devices and electronic platforms. According to Gartner, the number of smart things connecting to the Internet will swell by five times to reach 25 billion by the end of the decade – including a quarter billion vehicles. This concept represents the next chapter of the Internet phenomenon ‘The Internet of Everything’.

Fiber Optics transmission, and the increased capacity that it provides to both Access and Core networks, serves as the fundamental building block which can successfully deliver advanced telecommunications services like cloud services, Internet of Everything and more to end users.

Telecommunications operators worldwide are rushing to lay fiber optic cables in their Access networks in order that Next Generation Access Networks (NGAN) can connect homes, offices and other commercial premises. FTTX and FTTH GPON are replacing copper and co-axial cable networks.

Core networks carriers are building Optical Transport Networks (OTN) to replace legacy networks e.g. SONET/SDH in order to satisfy the huge core traffic demands of the near future e.g. Internet of Everything (IoT), 5G Mobile Backhaul, Big Data. Interconnection between Carriers are being established through standards set by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) to enable global high-speed optical communications.

Telefocal’s Courses On Fiber Optics Communication Technologies

This course brochure on Fiber Optics Communication Technologies addresses and captures the skills and knowledge required for professionals working in the fiber optics transmission industry.

Through a step-by-step and structured approach, these training courses provide a 360 degrees understanding of the technologies that support Fiber Access and Fiber Core planning and operations, and the applications they support.

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Telefocal offers Fiber Optics Communication Technologies Courses:

Telefocal’s Fiber Optics Communications Courses Are Unique In Many Ways

They were developed by Telefocal’s subject matter experts who boast significant practical experience in the design, implementation and commercialization of fiber optics networks worldwide.

They can bring an important practical dimension to the course instruction and are able to highlight and expound on the benefits and potential pitfalls governing the design, build and commissioning of fiber optics networks.

This highlights the understanding that the design and implementation of Fiber Optics transmissions networks needs not only to be scalable and robust but also delivers cost-efficiencies for network operation and maintenance in the long term.

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