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Practical GSM SS7 Signalling Analysis for System Experts

Course Objectives:

Emphasizing on the practical approach, participants will acquire extensive knowledge on how to read and analyse traces taken from live networks. The main focus is to practice reading traces and to understand the network behaviour.

Starting with a short discussion of the GSM Signalling Protocols, each of the main protocols covering functions and message structure is studied to allow and understanding of traces. As the original 3GPP Technical Specification related to signalling procedures are taken as the reference, participants will not only gain thorough understanding of the discussed sample traces but also be equipped with the knowledge on how to seek relevant help to analyse virtually any signalling situation.

Major part of the course time is dedicated to practical analysis of sample traces taken with Tektronix K15 analyser, Tektronix Geoprobe and SIEMENS K1105.

Other equipment or live network traces can be arranged (requires customers support to either provide traces or grant access to networks signalling links).


Pre-Requisite for Participants:

A solid understanding of MTP and IP/SCTP/Adaptations functions.


Who Should Attend?

System Engineers requiring thorough understanding on how to relate trace content to network functions and/or problems occurring in the live network. Network troubleshooting and benchmarking can be build upon this course contents.


Course Duration:

4 days


Course Outlines:

  • Review of GSM signalling Protocols
  • SCCP – signalling Connection Control Part
  • TCAP – Transaction Capabilities Application Part
  • MAP – Mobile Application Part
  • BSSAP – Base Station Subsystem Application Part
  • CAP – CAMEL Application Part
  • Case Studies

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