Training Services

Our Training Approach

Telefocal is a training-cum-consultancy solutions provider that specialises in
fixed-line and mobile networks technologies and applications.

As a vendor-neutral entity, we are able to provide our clients with an
unrestricted view of what is possible with the current state of technology
and address key competency areas related to current and emerging
technologies, standards and business applications.

A Telefocal training instructor teaching telecom professionals in a classroom setting
A Telefocal training instructor imparting valuable knowledge to a group of students in a classroom setting

Our Instructors

Telefocal’s instructors have extensive experience in both theory and practical fields. Their expertise spans management, planning, real-world network design and deployment, and many more areas.

More importantly, our instructors adopt a balanced outlook on issues relating to technology, equipment, design and the implementation of networks.

They don’t just train – they teach, impart, and assess the degree of understanding.

Our Courses

Telefocal conducts a thorough analysis of your training needs and ensures
that your training requirements are met, if not exceeded.

We are committed to empowering our clients with the necessary knowledge
and critical skills in a fast-paced technology environment, and to assist
you in making timely and sound business decisions.

A stack of course books piled up together

Class & Participants

Our class sizes are kept optimal for
participants to interact, share experiences
and immerse themselves in a pool of
like-minded individuals from international backgrounds.

Training Materials

Our course materials are developed
in-house, updated regularly and in tandem
with industry standards and technological developments to ensure relevancy.

Training Facilities

Training courses can be offered at
company premises locally or
internationally, with hands-on laboratories
made available whenever relevant.
Private training can also be arranged
for security or commercial sensitivity

On-Site Training Benefits

Telefocal offers a wide-range of pertinent and up-to-date IT/ Telecommunications course topics

We boast of a solid track record that dates back to 2000 and an impressive list of satisfied and repeat customers globally.

  • Course uniqueness
  • Specially tailored course with Focus on Key Topics
  • No one is left behind
  • Proven and Experienced Trainers
  • Knowledge Application in Real Life
  • Constantly updated course content
  • Cost and Time Savings
  • Unreserved interaction and knowledge sharing
  • On-the-spot Consultancy
  • Bridging Knowledge Gaps

Optimal ROI on Training Investment

Our price is a direct function of many parameters, of which you can be assured that there are no hidden costs. Here at Telefocal, we provide all clients with a guarantee of quality service that promises an optimal return on their training investment dollars.

Looking for a tailored course to train your team?
Drop us an enquiry for us to schedule a training just for you!

Please note that Telefocal Asia will only respond to corporate emails. Personal emails will not be entertained.
Please share with us your training objectives, profile of participant(s), or your thoughts/directions about the learning experience.

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