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Network Migration Technology

Course Objectives:

After completion of the training, Participants will be able to do the followings

  • Identify the challenges associated with migration and wide deployment of NGN services
  • Define the transport and signaling protocols
  • Learn how to test NGN Network
  • Learn about IMS Backbone Impairments and Performance
  • Gain detail knowledge on SIP


Pre-Requisite for Participants:

Basic understanding on IP, Signalling, Telephony is a pre requisite.


Who Should Attend?

Communications and IT professionals, engineers, software developers, technical support personnel and field engineers.


Course Duration:

5 days


Course Outlines:

  • Market Trends: NGN and IMS
  • NGN Migration – Protocols and Standards
  • QoS Migration Challenges for NGN
  • IMS Architecture
  • IPv4 to IPv6 migration
  • Summary, wrap-up and exercises


  • Media Transport Protocol for IMS Backbone
  • MGCF: Media GW Control Function
  • Media Compression and NGN Bandwidth Planning
  • IMS SGW – The Bridge between SS7 and IP Networks
  • Summary, Wrap-up and Exercises


  • NGN Applications
  • Carrier Grade Compliancy
  • IMS and Security Aspects
  • IMS Protocol: Megaco
  • SIP Introduction
  • Summary, Wrap-up and Exercises


  • SIP Architecture
  • SIP Protocol Structure
  • Session Description Protocol
  • NGN Softswitch and Class 5 Services
  • How to Test the Next Generation Network
  • Summary, Wrap-up and Exercises


  • IMS Backbone Impairments
  • Performance and Traffic Planning
  • Media Degradation over IMS backbone
  • Objective Media Quality Testing Methods
  • Troubleshooting Methods
  • Conclusion, Q&A, and recap of the training


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