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WCDMA / HSxPA Systems Engineering and Network Optimisation

Event Details

Course Objectives:

Participanys will learn the following :
  • UMTS/WCDMA and HSPA technology overview
  • Cell planning and Coverage planning principles
  • Capacity planning calculation as a service dependant procedure separately for R99, HSPA & MBMS
  • Coverage optimization, Capacity optimization
  • UTRAN interfaces over ATM or IP/Ethernet
  • Access transport network capacity planning
  • 3GPP Radio features to optimize performance

Course Overview:

This course presents the basic principles of WCDMA/HSPA Radio & Access transport network planning and optimization. It will examine capacity and power budget issues, cell coverage planning and transport network planning for ATM & IP interfaces. All planning consideration will be available for R99 CS and PS traffic and also for HSPA traffic. Optimization principles and solutions will be also included, with due consideration for coverage planning or capacity planning optimization. Finally real case studies will be discussed and exercises will also be provided for better understanding of the course material.

Pre-Requisite for Participants:

Participants should have a strong background on WCDMA and HSPA air interface, protocols & interfaces and also functionality.

Who Should Attend?

  • Planning engineers looking for a good background to start WCDMA/HSPA planning
  • Transmission engineers who wish to understand the overall radio to transport capacity & planning consideration
  • Optimization engineers looking for a good presentation of initial planning in order to understand the future optimizing techniques or tips they should perform for 3G networks.

Course Outlines:

  • 3G Architecture Overview
  • WCDMA/HSPA Traffic Requirements
  • Radio Network Capacity Dimensioning Requirements
  • R99 Traffic Uplink/Downlink Initial Radio Network Capacity Calculations
  • R99 Traffic Radio Network Coverage Dimensioning Requirements
  • Case Study – Initial Decision on Number of Cells for R99 Traffic Planning
  • HSDPA Capacity & Coverage Planning Issues
  • MBMS Capacity & Coverage Planning Issues
  • WCDMA/HSPA Optimizing techniques
  • Inter-Radio Access Technology Site Sharing Principles
  • ATM Transport Network
  • IP/Ethernet Transport Network
18 Jan 2018

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