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Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP)

Event Details

Course Objectives:

This course "Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP)" aims to give participants a deep, technical understanding of the two most important, yet potentially disruptive, network technologies that would transform the way networks and CSPs operate – Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtutalisation (NFV). Participants will be awarded the Professional Certification by Telefocal Asia after they have successfully passed the online examination conducted on the last day of the training.

After having completed the course, the participant would be able to:

  • Assimilate the Core concepts of Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Virtualization of network elements
  • Discuss and compare the main global initiatives on SDN & NFV
  • Understand why Network Functions Virtualization NFV offers extraordinary potential to enhance the delivery of carrier and enterprise network services
  • Able to explain the revolution in NFV, SDN, OpenFlow, OpenStack, and Cloud Computing.
  • Describe the key benefits of SDN, the separation of Data and Control Planes
  • Describe the SDN Data Plane
  • Perform detailed analysis of the SDN Control Plane operation
  • Evaluate a sample SDN’s performance and reliability
  • Explain Network Virtualization and describe NFV reference architecture.
  • Describe techniques used for verification and debugging of SDNs
  • Describe Network Functions Virtualization components and how they work together
  • Explain how to create new network services using SDN and NFV
  • Describe the role and functionality of middle boxes in networks and how they are managed
  • Describe architecture and operation of the SDN-based RAN and Core
  • Describe applications of NFV and the value they bring
  • Describe Orchestration, Service Chaining and other related techniques.
  • Discuss how VoLTE, IMS and other services and operations will operate in the Cloud.
  • Discuss SDN/NFV attack vectors and security best practices
  • Describe The Third Network and Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO)
  • Understand NFV onboarding, management and orchestration through hands-on exercises
  • Understand SDN stack operation through hands-on exercises

Course Overview:

SDN provides a revolutionary approach and a paradigm shift in designing, building and managing next generation networks that allow a logically centralised or distributed software program to control the behaviour of an entire network. The basic concept of abstracting the control logic from the underlying physical infrastructure allows network operators to write high-level control software that specifies the behaviour of an entire network programmatically and dynamically. This is in contrast to conventional networks whereby functionality is embedded low-level in the physical infrastructure.

Logically-centralised control allows operators to specify more complex tasks that involve integrating many disjoint network functions – NFVs - (i.e. policy control, firewall, security, prioritization) into a single control framework. Therefore, it allows operators to create more sophisticated policies and configuration which are easier to configure, manage and troubleshoot.

Both SDN and NFV are the catalyst technologies that will transform current networks into networks that are agile and, in addition, have the propensity to fulfil future business requirements.

The course includes Lab sessions. Candidates will be put through lab work, which consists of network configuration, code samples and setup scenarios. They would also be put through a set of quizzes that is administered online.

Should a minimum score for these examination be achieved, it would lead to the candidate being certified as a Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional.

Pre-Requisite for Participants:

  • Basic understanding of IP-based communication - highly recommended.
  • Reasonable knowledge of core networking principles and functions.
  • Experience with IT infrastructure (i.e. Ethernet, Switches, Routers).
  • Basic understanding of software design principles (i.e. APIs)
  • Basic to Intermediate level programming is required for the course.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested to understand this important revolution in IT & Networking i.e. Radio and Packet Core Network Engineers, Managers, Project Managers, IP Engineers, Packet Core Engineers, Technical Product Managers, Technical Marketing Officials, Technical Strategy Officials, IT Managers, C-level Decision Makers & Executives.

Course Duration:

5-day instructor-led training with examination for professional certification

Course Outlines:

  • Fundamentals of Modern Networking
  • The Need for Software Defined Networking in Mobile Networks
  • SDN Deep Dive
  • Virtualization and Network Virtualizations
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Network Topology and Topological Information Abstraction
  • Security Challenges in SDN
  • NFV Application Lifecycle
  • RAN in the Cloud
  • Mobile Core in the Cloud
  • Cloud-based Network Operators
  • SDN/NFV Security
  • SDN Hands on Workshop (~ 2 hrs)
  • NFV Hands on Workshop (~ 5 hrs)
  • Examination


What is so special about Telefocal Asia's Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP) Course?

This course stands out prominently from the rest and is unique in several ways:

  • When delivering this course, we adopt a vendor-neutral approach

Notwithstanding the above, our trainer will provide an in-depth study into the various technical aspects of SDN/NFV

  • It seeks to impart the latest and state-of-the-art technology with illustrations on use cases or practical implementations from around the world
  • It provides a global perspective on how SDN/NFV technology can be harnessed and monetized
  • It also examines the various business models that use SDN/NFV as a platform
  • Last but not least, it helps identify the key risks associated with security when deploying SDN/NFV solutions


28 Feb 2018

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