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Submarine Cable Systems with IPLC Transit / Optical Transport Network and Security

Event Details

Course Objectives:

After attending this "Submarine Cable Systems with IPLC Transit / Optical Transport Network and Security" training, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the motivation for SDH networks, the role of international standards, the advantages and disadvantages of SDH and future developments
  • Understand the attributes of SDH signals, signal structure and transport capabilities, pointers, multiplexing, line rates and interfaces
  • Appreciate SDH networking principles, network architecture, network synchronisation and network performance
  • Describe the motivation for DWDM, and its capabilities to support SDH, IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, OTN signals
  • Understand the optical principles of DWDM and its applications, and the developments in international standards
  • Appreciate the characteristics of different fiber types, fiber attenuation and dispersion effects, and how DWDM overcomes them
  • Describe the evolution of DWDM equipment, towards optical networking including optical switching Understand the principle elements of international submarine telecommunication networks, and their use of SDH and DWDM
  • Appreciate the key drivers for submarine cable deployment, and the various approaches used, including a traditional carrier consortium
  • Describe the equipment used in the dry and wet part of the submarine cable and its landing stations, submarine cable architecture, and the types of interface supported
  • Describe the products supported by submarine cable systems, including IP Transit and IPLC, and the product Life Cycle
  • Understand the strategic importance of submarine cables, the threat posed by cybercrime, and the cybersecurity measures used to protect SDH, DWDM, IP/MPLS networks, and submarine cable equipment in particular
  • Understand regional and global traffic trends in submarine cable system

Course Overview:

This "Submarine Cable Systems with IPLC Transit / Optical Transport Network and Security" course has been designed to introduce telecoms professionals to the principles of transmission network technologies, providing them with a detailed understanding of the international standard technologies of SDH and DWDM. The course gives an appreciation of how these technologies have successfully supported the massive growth in submarine cable network throughout the world, describing in detail the key wet and dry components of these systems. The course also describes the key products offered by network service providers which has driven this growth, as well as detailing the significant cybersecurity threats posed to them and measures to protect them.

Key Benefits:

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Optical communication, SDH/SONET and DWDM networking required for national and international requirements. Training will cover the development and operation of SDH, DWDM, OTN, submarine cables, along with interface details to develop voice and data products required for marketing. They will also obtain a good understanding of cybersecurity threats over optical networks.

Who Should Attend?

Strategic or technical managers, consultants, regulators, communications professionals, Telecom engineers, IT professionals, system engineers, product development experts, marketing and sales professional and others who plan on using evaluating, designing or working with SONET/SDH, DWDM and optical networks.

Course Duration:

5-days instructor-led training

Course Outlines:

  • SDH motivation and international standards
  • SDH signals, signal structure and transport capabilities
  • SDH pointers, multiplexing, line rates and interfaces
  • SDH networking principles, network architecture
  • Network synchronisation and network performance
  • DWDM motivation capabilities to support SDH, IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, OTN signals
  • Optical principles and applications of DWDM
  • Fibre characteristics, attenuation and dispersion effects
  • DWDM developments in international standards
  • Network Architecture of SMC (Submarine Cable)
  • SMC wet and dry part system components
  • Submarine Cables Endeavours
  • Overview of SMC products and capacity leasing approaches
  • Data and Voice Products and Telecom Product development life cycle
  • Global and Regional Traffic Trends for submarine telecom services
  • Bandwidth Market, Players and competition Trends
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Product QoS
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Cybersecurity threats, and attack vectors
  • Cyberattack detection and prevention
  • Case Studies
19 Dec 2017

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