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MPLS and IP Traffic Engineering

Event Details

Course Objectives:

This course provides participants a strong foundation in MPLS and IP Traffic Engineering for IP Network Professionals and Network Managers. After completing this course, the participants will be able to:
  • Design, configure and implement VPN Networks
  • Describe the underlying concepts of MPLS
  • Design and deploy Traffic Engineering in MPLS Networks
  • Describe the concept of MPLS labels, label stack and label format
  • Describe IP Traffic Engineering using MPLS
  • Describe the label distribution process between LSRs
  • Implement advanced designs and configurations in MPLS Netowrks
  • Explore the future trends of MPLS

Pre-Requisite for Participants:

Basic knowledge of IP Networks is required.  

Who Should Attend?

Network Architects, Service Providers, Engineers and Network Managers who need a good grasp of the technologies involved in modern IP networks and network services.  

Course Duration:

5-day Instructor-led with Backbone Network Exercise.  

Course Outlines:

  • Introduction to MPLS and Motivation
  • Review of Classical IP Network
  • Origin and Evolution on MPLS
  • MPLS Level Switching Architecture
  • Generalization of MPLS (GMPLS)
  • MPLS DiffServ (Differentiated Services)
  • Introduction to Traffic Engineering (TE)
  • Traffic Engineering – Legacy approaches
  • Traffic Engineering using CBR, CSPF
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering Approach
  • RSVP
  • Path Protection and Recovery
  • Traffic Engineering Case Study
  • Application Topics
  • Recent Development

What is so special about Telefocal Asia's MPLS/IP Traffic Engineering Course?

Telefocal gathers the best subject matter experts from all around the world to your doorsteps. We have experts from different domains who are cognizant of all the possible challenges you may face - be it in your day-to-day network operations or new service provisioning or new product launches Our trainings can be specially tailored to address your specific needs. They are imparted by experts with large scale network design and implementation experience. Our goal is to provide you with a consistent knowledge across the whole range of MPLS technologies - from basic building blocks (LDP, RSVP) to more advanced constructs (MPLS-TE, L2VPNS) - and help you choose the right tool for the job. This is accomplished by sharing field -proven design concepts and best practices developed by top-tier players in the industry (Hierarchical MPLS, DDoS mitigation solutions). We are not beholden to any single equipment vendor, and, as such, we are able to provide you with an unrestricted view of what is possible with the current state of technology. Massive growth in backbone network traffic, spurred by the expansion of High-Definition (HD) video-on-demand, mobile devices, interactive advertising, commercial VPN, VoIP, Carrier Ethernet and Cloud Services etc, are unraveling myriad yet daunting economic challenges for service providers. You need to unleash the full potential of and reap the maximum benefits from your existing backbone infrastructure so as to overcome these challenges.

By attending Telefocal's MPLS/IP Traffic Engineering course, you would discover new ways of transforming your network infrastructure into one that delivers high performance, and is yet scalable, robust, and of Carrier Grade. You would also develop new perspectives on how you can streamline implementation of your existing services or introduce new and novel products and services based on new capabilities offered by your network.

Testimonials from our Delighted Clients:

Those who have benefited from this training have some good reviews about Telefocal's unique course on MPLS/IP Traffic Engineering Course:

“I have learnt a lot of information from this training and this will help me design better MPLS network for the operators.” ~ Samer, Ericsson

"I like the way the trainer delivered the training as there are lots of explanation." Adeyemi, MTN

"I like the examples and illustrations used to explain this course." Ahmad, QNBN "The trainer is very experienced." Martin, Aviatnet

28 Feb 2018

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