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LTE Transmission and Core Network Planning

Event Details

Course Objectives:

This training aims to introduce the idea of LTE IP transport network solutions to transmission design engineers. Transport network should accommodate the traffic created by cellular coverage areas; hence the correct dimensioning is critical for QoS and capacity point of view.  Several technologies could be implemented, like IP over ATM or IP over Ethernet.  Mobile Packet Backbone Network solutions are described in detail supported by case studies to help transport designers realise the diverse techniques.  Mastering these techniques, participants will learn how to contribute in end-to-end user throughput optimization.

Who Should Attend?

  • Mobile Networks Engineer who would like to “fill in the gaps” and catch up with the latest LTE transport network design principles and implementations.
  • Radio network planners who would like to learn more about the capacity planning of the transport network.
  • Multimedia Engineer who would like to learn the concepts and theory of LTE/SAE that transports services to mobile users.

Course Duration:

5 days

Course Outlines:

  • LTE/SAE Introduction
  • eUTRAN Presentation
  • ePC presentation
  • ePC Nodes And Interfaces
  • ePC Signaling And Protocols
  • IP overview and description
  • SS7 signaling in LTE
  • New Availability and Reliability Requirements in 3G and LTE transmissions links
  • OSI Layers 1, 2 and 3 and their roles in LTE link planning
  • Definition of an all IP 3G LTE Network and new Planning considerations
  • Overview Latency and Jitter in 3G LTE Transmissions Networks
  • 3GPP Delay and Jitter requirements between eNodeB and ePC for 4G Access links
  • Access Network Architecture and Topology Planning
  • Microwave transmission overview
  • LTE backbone dimensioning
  • LTE Backbone design
  • Planning 4G access links with IP based MW radios
  • Traffic shaping, engineering and protection levels in IP radios
  • Step by Step 4G Network dimensioning processes
  • Overview LTE traffic requirement and analysis
  • Concept of CIR and PIR in data links planning
  • Overview of TDM microwave radios and IP Packet radios
  • Planning 4G access links with IP based MW radios
  • Details of IP over TDM and native Ethernet radios
  • Services classification
  • Link-by-Link dimensioning
  • 4G Network Synchronization planning
  • End to end Network Testing and performance Measurements
  • Main Technical features on supplier’s products and comparative study


11 Jan 2018

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