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Carrier Ethernet for Marketing Professionals

Course Objectives:

This 4 day course is intended for product managers, marketing managers, sales and other non engineering professionals who need a robust understanding of Carrier Ethernet and its potential applications as defined by MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) so they can create/market and sale profitable servives. The course includes some of the uses cases of these services and applications in today’s fast moving telecommunications industry.


Who Should Attend?

Product Managers, Marketing managers, Sales professionals, Pre-Sales Engineers, Product specialists, Innovation leaders, Analysts and other non-engineering professionals. Some technical understanding is required at the level of basic networking fundamentals.

WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND? (list the benefits of attending this training)

  • Describe what differentiates Carrier-Class Ethernet from traditional Ethernet
  • Describe the role of the MEF in defining and promoting Carrier Ethernet services
  • Describe the important of Certification & Certified Service
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of MEF Carrier Ethernet Service Models for single-operator and multiple-operator deployments
  • Identify the MEF Service Types and be able to describe typical Carrier Ethernet services for each
  • Describe how and where Carrier Ethernet can be deployed to solve a technical/commercial problem
  • Identify and describe target applications for Carrier Ethernet services in the wholesale and retail business environment
  • Identify high-growth application areas and potential industry market segments
  • Describe the current CE market & be able to identify potential CE market segments
  • Describe positioning strategies per application per market segment
  • Describe key monetization strategies of CE services
  • Demonstrate how Carrier Ethernet services may be used in the mobile backhaul environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Service Level Agreement and Service Level Specification and how service assurance can be achieved and monitored.


Course Duration:

4-day course


Course Outlines:

DAY 1Fundamentals of MEF Carrier Ethernet:

  • What is Carrier Ethernet?
  • MEF Standards
  • Benefits of certification to Vendors, Service Providers/Operators, and Enterprise Users
  • The five attributes of Carrier Ethernet
  • MEF Service Models
  • Features: standardized services from specified service types, service assurance
  • Players: enterprise users, service providers
  • Components: User-Network Interface, Ethernet Virtual Connection
  • Regional, national, and international Carrier Ethernet services
  • Features: standardized services from specified service types and service assurance delivered over multiple-operator platforms
  • Player Roles: enterprise users, service providers, operators
  • Components: User-Network Interface, Ethernet Virtual Connection, External Network-Network Interface, Operator Virtual Connection
  • CE Services, Service Types

  • Market Snapshot
  • CE Industry Verticals
  • Tailor-made services packages to meet key vertical priorities
  • Global Carrier Ethernet deployment
DAY 3CE Applications & Growth Areas

  • Wholesale access services
  • What are the typical services
  • Who & Why buys these services
  • Service establishment to achieve end-to-end Carrier Ethernet Service
  • Retail commercial/business services
  • What are the typical services (Internet Access, Private Line, Transparent LAN service, L2/L3 Services over Ethernet, Access to Data Centres, Video service distribution, Multicast Services)
  • Who & Why buys these services
  • Mobile Backhaul services
  • What is Mobile Backhaul?
  • MBH Service description
  • MBH for 2G, 3G & LTE Radio Access Networks
  • Circuit Emulation Services
  • Ethernet access to IP services
  • Support for legacy services over Ethernet (TDM, FR, ATM,etc)
  • Analyse, compare and contrast Ethernet services with Layer 2, IP and TDM private line services
  • Applications in Cloud Computing market segment
  • Other potential high-growth areas
  • Case Studies:
  • How specific service requirements are met using Ethernet services,
  • High level CE design for each case,
  • How global end-to-end Ethernet Services are established across operator networks and wholesale access networks)
  • Scenarios: recommend Ethernet services to meet end-user specifications

  • Understanding the Enterprise User’s service requirements
  • Commercial Service Differentiating parameters for competitive advantage
  • Service Positioning Strategies
  • Potential monetization strategies

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