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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Transformation Strategies and Best Practices

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the motivating factors for using smart devices in a competitive environment
  • Understand the underlying issues governing the use of the same smart device for personal and official use
  • Understand the need for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Transformation Strategies
  • Understand the Stakeholders of the BYOD strategy
  • Learn about BYOD deployment phases
  • Learn about the BYOD solution types
  • Learn about the main features of a BYOD Solution
  • Learn the best practices of a BYOD transformation
  • Learn how to justify the BYOD transformation

Who Should Attend?

BYOD is important for All Enterprises. Therefore this course is useful and essential for Professionals in all Enterprises.
Main stake holders are Strategic decision makers, IT and Security experts, Financial and Costing experts, HR and Admin experts, Legal experts etc.

  • Strategic Decision Makers such as CEOs, COOs of ALL Enterprises as they need to make important strategic decisions
  • CFOs and other Accounting professionals as they need to get involved in BYOD strategies to make sure it achieves the expected cost savings and contributes to the ROI of the enterprise
  • CTOs, CIOs, Engineers, IT professionals required to deploy the right Polices and Technologies at the right time so as to maximize the productivity and efficiency level of the organization
  • Lawyers and Legal experts involved in sorting out the legal rights and responsibilities of employees and the corporates, Intellectual Property Rights, compliance of industry and licencing conditions and standards etc.
  • Auditors who need to make sure the BYOD strategies would fulfil compliance requirements of international standards such as ISO 27000 etc.
  • HR and Administration professionals who need to ensure that policies formulated would be accepted and adhered to by all employees of the organization
  • Heads of Sales and Marketing as most of these smart devices would maximize the efficiency of these staff in any organization

Course Duration:

3 days

Course Outlines:


  • Introduction to evolution of Mobile Broadband Technologies
  • Introduction to evolution of the Internet
  • Introduction to cryptography, network security and Information security
  • Introduction to smart devices and consumerization of IT
  • Introduction to Social Media and Mobile Apps
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to BYOD
  • BYOD is not just an IT Project but a Transformation to each Enterprise
  DAY 2

  • Why does an Enterprise require a BYOD Transformation strategy?
  • Who are the Stake Holders of BYOD Transformation and Why?
  • The main two factors of a BYOD Strategy
  • BYOD Policies
  • Technical Solution
  • The Phases of BYOD Transformation
  DAY 3

  • Detailed understanding of BYOD Policies and how to determine your own Policies
  • Detailed understanding of BYOD Technical solutions and how to decide those features you need in your solution
  • Comparison of different types of technical solutions and their pros and cons
  • Discussion on Case Studies of BYOD

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