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Transmission Technologies
vsat and satellite

VSAT and Satellite Communications Applications

This course also describes the architecture of Space segments. It includes descriptions and explanations of Digital Video, RF Equipments, Models that describe RF Propagation and Fading, basic traffic engineering models, as well as process of deploying RF system.

mobile network and lte

Overview of Mobile Network and LTE / Transmission Technologies

This training aims to introduce the idea of LTE IP transport network solutions to transmission design engineers. LTE Transport Network should accommodate the traffic created by cellular coverage.

mobile technologies

Overview of 3G / 4G / 5G Mobile Technologies

After attending the "Overview of 3G / 4G / 5G Mobile Technologies" training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of cellular and mobile networks and their associated technologies
  • Appreciate the differences between cellular networks and their evolutions
  • Understand alternative wireless data and voice networks technologies (e.g. Wi-Fi/VoLTE, UMA, Het-Net) and the growing importance of Mobile Offloading

ABCs of Telecommunications

This is a 3-day training that provides participants with fundame order: 2px solid; border-radius: 5px; p adding: 5px; background-color: #ffffff; margin-top: 25px;" src="" alt="ABCs of Telecommunications" width="220" height="61" />

MEF-CECP 2.0 (MEF – Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional 2.0)**

This training course is intended to provide a strong insight into Carrier Ethernet technologies, the Metro Ethernet Forum specifications for services and examine how these services can be delivered over different carrier core and access networks and transport platform along with other services deployed. It includes all the latest enhancements as per CE 2.0 (blueprint C) standards defined by MEF.

** This course leads to certification as an MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional 2.0 (MEF-CECP 2.0).

Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP)

A 5-day professional certification programme, this intense course aims to give participants a deep technical understanding of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) technologies, the catalyst technologies that will increase agility of networks, and confer the propensity to fulfill future business requirements.

Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP)

Internet of Things (IoT) for Telco Service Providers

After attending this course, participants will be fully aware of the trends surrounding IoT and the benefits it offers.
They will understand the various components that made up an IoT-based system – from hardware, cloud, protocols, frameworks to Data Analytics.

They will learn about the various M2M and IoT-specific communication networks that are being deployed globally in LoRaWAN, Sigfox and NB-IoT.

Middle East / Africa / Europe

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Telefocal Updates

An Overview of Cyber Security

After attending this “An Overview of Cyber Security” training, participants will be able to: Describe the principal types …


Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Big Data Analytics

Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Big Data Analytics

The goal of this course “Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Big Data Analytics” which help to reverse Service providers …


Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP)

This course “Telefocal Certified SDN NFV Professional (TC-SNP)” aims to give participants a deep, technical understanding of the …


DWDM and Optical Networking for Metro and Long Haul

Fiber Optics Communications Courses

After completing this course, participants will be able to: Understand technologies and concepts that underpin DWDM and optical …


Telefocal Certified Fiber Optics Technician (TC-FOT)

Telefocal Certified Fiber Optics Technician (TC-FOT)

By attending this “Telefocal Certified Fiber Optics Technician (TC-FOT)” course, participants will be able to understand the theories, …


From SDH to Optical Transport Network (OTN)

DWDM, Optical Networking

After completing this “From SDH to Optical Transport Network (OTN)” course, participants will be able to: Understand optical …


LTE Security

This “LTE Security” course is designed to enable participants understand the security issues surrounding LTE networks. It will …



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ABCs of Telecommunications

The trainer is very approachable and I gained a lot of knowledge from the course.”

~ Shi Duan
ABCs of Telecommunications” Course

LTE Cell Planning and Dimensioning

‘We gained knowledge on LTE Cell Planning from this workshop which we can use to improve the efficiency of our LTE network.’

– Sakhi
LTE Cell Planning and Dimensioning” Course

LTE International Roaming

“Instructor has many scenarios and call procedures examples to show.”

~ Tee
LTE International Roaming” Course

Submarine Cable Systems with IPLC & IP Transit Services

‘I have learned how to calculate critical figures of a business case in submarine cable.’

~ Peter
Submarine Cable Systems with IPLC & IP Transit Services” Course

PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) Grant

Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Grant - IRAS (Singapore-based companies)

Enjoy a 40% cash payout or 400%tax reduction when you attend any of Telefocal’s trainings/courses in Singapore!

Visit today for more information!
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Telefocal Position

Telefocal Asia provides training courses and consultancy solutions that are designed for professionals and executives from various industry verticals.

Whether you are looking for an avenue to refresh your knowledge on fundamental technological topics, or getting up-to-speed on topics such as Transmission Engineering, Cloud-enabling Technologies, Cyber Security, IoT or 4G/5G Technologies, or seeking management solutions relating to Project Management, Performance & Process Management, or Management of Managed Services, you can find all of them residing here and right under one roof!

Besides, we have coached many executives and senior management of leading companies and these have benefited from receiving valued insights and advice from our multi-disciplinary cohort of experts.

Understandably, these coaching services rendered would have a direct bearing on improving operational and management efficiencies as well as OpEx and CapEx reduction.

Our emphasis is conveying the key concept-level knowledge in plain English - which you can't get on Google, Wikipedia, joining online academies, reading trade magazines online or offline, or talking to vendors.

It is our goal to bust the buzzwords, demystify the jargon, explain the technologie and underlying ideas, piece together the knowledge nuggets that appear here and there, and point out what lies at the horizon.

With over seven hundred man-years of accumulated experience and technical know-
how in the telecommunications and information technology environment, Telefocal trains, consults, and assists clients in making sound commercial decisions about technologies, market strategies, business directions, and competitive positions.

So, get started TODAY!

Vendor Neutrality

We are vendor-neutral. We are able to provide you with an unrestricted view of what is possible with the current state of technology, and address all the key competence areas relating to current and emerging technologies, standards and business applications.

Experienced Instructors and Consultants

Our instructors and consultants have real life management, planning and execution experiences. They are experts from different domains who are cognizant of all the possible challenges you may face - be it in your day-to-day network operations, new service provisioning or new product launches.

Quality Training & Consultancy Services

Telefocal offers world-class trainings and consultancy services at competitive prices. We are committed to empowering our clients with the necessary knowledge and critical skills in a fast-paced technology environment, as well as assisting them in making independent, timely and sound business decisions.

Course Materials

We develop the course material in-house and we continue to update the student manuals regularly and in tandem with industry standards and technology development.

Better ROI on OPEX

Our trainings help your management and engineering team avoid costly mistakes in project management, engineering, design and implementation.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

We boast of a solid track record and an impressive list of satisfied and repeat customers globally.

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